Roof Insulation 

California Energy Commission Standers Cool Roof for your business or residential. Reflector colors are design to save you money and reduce your monthly bills. Reflector series have been rated by the cool roof rating council (CRRC) 

One of the way to bring your home to code when re-roofing your roof is to bring your attic insulation to a R-38 or you could also choose a cool roof shingle which will bring it up to code as well. Give Magallon's Roofing a call @ 559-638-6261 and one of our friendly staff will be more gladly to answer your questions.

A lot of your home's HVAC system loses its power directly through your roof. Without proper insulation, your energy bills can be sky high. Have one of our guys come out and take a look at it – we might be able to save you money on your seasonal electricity bills.

Cool Roof Reflector Series 


When people think of a roofing underlayment they most likely will picture asphalt felt paper. It has revolutionized the roofing industry by introducing the first underlayment that will actually work for the homeowner. Therma-Sheet Insulation acts as not only an underlayment that will not absorb moisture but also as an insulator. Installed correctly it will seal around fasteners, provide a complete vapor barrier, and stop radiant heat gain/loss. Homeowners will be placing a product on their roof that will pay for itself by saving them money on utility bills.

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Attic Floor Insulation